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We, at Alce Services, stay on top of the changes in regulations so you can be sure to get the best benefits available. We know how you may have questions and concerns about how these changes impact you and your Tax Return; that is why we make sure to answer every question you may have.


Individual Income Tax

Our Enrolled Agents and Tax professionals take the necessary steps and time to ensure you obtain all of the credits and deductions available to increase your refund or minimize any tax liability.


If you are self employed, there are unexpected regulations that can affect your Tax Return. We make sure to understand your business and prepare your tax return accurately and prepare you for the following year. 

Individual Tax identification Number - ITIN

If you, your spouse, or a dependent needs to obtain an ITIN, offers you this service. Our Certified Acceptance Agent can file the application and certifies the copies of your documents so you do not have to send any official documents to the IRS and be without them for weeks.

Business Tax Returns

Whether this is your first year in business or tenth year, our professional staff have the experience and knowledge necessary to accurately file your business tax return; whether is an S-Corporation, Partnership, or Limited Liability Company, you can be sure to have your business Tax Return prepare in a accurate and timely manner.




  • Individual Tax Return (Form 1040, Sch. 1-6)

  • Self-Employment (Schedule C)

  • Partnership Tax Return (Form 1065)

  • S-Corporation (Form 1120S)

  • ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent

  • Tax Planning and Consultations

  • Amendments

  • IRS Assistance

  • Tax Audit Assistance

  • and more...